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    Sewage pump Argo GS
    Sewage pump Argo GS

    Sewage pump Argo GS

    Domestic sewage or drainage pump with VORTEX impeller. Robust construction made of cast iron. Designed for considerably higher flow demand.

    Suitable for:

    •    Hotels
    •    Municipalities
    •    Drainage
    •    Professional sewage pumping
    •    Biological stations

    Operation manual pump ARGO GS
    CE - Declaration of conformity
    CE Argo Astra DC RC VX

    Pump type
    Sewage pumps
    Maximum Flow
    84 m3/h
    Maximum Head
    20 m
    Maximum Operation Pressure
    6 bar
    Maximum liquid Temperature
    40 °C

    Sewage pump Argo GS