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Vertical turbine pumps

Vertical turbine pumps

Two vertical turbine pumps from Anavalos Pumps have been installed in Samos, Greece, successfully replacing two old, noisy cast iron pumps that had been causing operational problems. The commissioning of the new units has been successfully made. The old and noisy cast iron pumps have been replaced with two new pumps that are more suitable for sea water application. The user had been experiencing several problems with the previous pumps, which were causing inconvenience. The new pumps are expected to provide a better performance and address the concerns raised by the user.

The new pumps are completely made of stainless steel AISI 316L, which minimizes corrosion caused by seawater. It is crucial that most of the pump parts use the same material to prevent chemical corrosion.

The pumps are installed in the local thermal power station which generates a maximum installed capacity of 50MW. The power station provides electricity for the local community and is an essential infrastructure for the island. With the reliable operation of these pumps, the power station can continue to provide electricity to the area.

Each pump can perform 1000 cubic meter per hour at 40m of total dynamic head and is electrically driven by ABB 200kW motor.