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    Bore-hole pump 4΄΄ 4S
    Bore-hole pump 4΄΄ 4S

    Bore-hole pump 4΄΄ 4S

    Submersible bore-hole pump. Maximum outside diameter 4΄΄. It is mainly used for deep wells and for sumps as well. Outside pump body is made of stainless steel.

    Suitable for:

    •    Farm irrigation
    •    Green house irrigation
    •    Water distribution for municipalities
    •    Booster systems in residence
    •    Water transfer

    Operation manual pump 4S-SP Α5
    CE - Declaration of conformity  
    CE Submersible

    Pump type
    Bore hole pumps
    Maximum Flow
    24 m3/h
    Maximum Head
    292 m
    Maximum Operation Pressure
    40 bar
    Maximum liquid Temperature
    40 °C

    Bore-hole pump 4΄΄ 4S